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The Best Outdoor Entertainment Options for Your Miami Home

Relax by the pool with outdoor audio, light up your next backyard party with outdoor lighting control, and so much more

The Best Outdoor Entertainment Options for Your Miami Home

As Will Smith told the world in 1998, Miami is the city where the heat is on and we like to party on the beach until the break of dawn. You may not be partying on the beach like the Fresh Prince, but summer is the time for pool parties, backyard cook-outs and other outdoor fun. So why not upgrade your house with the latest and greatest in high-tech outdoor entertainment?

Even if your idea of fun is more along the lines of relaxing by the pool with a favorite playlist, there are new smart technology options that make doing so easier than ever. And no matter what the occasion, you can make your home’s outdoor spaces look better with automated lighting control. There are outdoor entertainment options for Miami, FL, homeowners no matter what your lifestyle, and you can read all about them here.

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At first glance, an outdoor TV looks like a distraction when you’re spending time with friends and family. However, a TV offers many opportunities to enhance outdoor entertainment. You can watch movies in a whole new way by setting up an outdoor home theater. You can also stream video to the TV from anywhere in your home, making it easy to watch your favorite show or the big game.

A few points to keep in mind when setting up an outdoor video system: First and foremost, you can’t just move one of your indoor TVs outside. Standard TVs aren’t made to withstand rain, humidity, dust and other elements that might damage or even break the display. Especially in Miami, this includes the temperature outside because many electrical components don’t work properly in extreme heat. Furthermore, you’ll need a screen that’s much brighter than those found on indoor TVs to compensate for glare from the sun.


Of course, what’s a TV without some speakers to go with it? We can install a system of outdoor speakers that deliver high-performance sound without taking up tons of space on your patio or deck, or in your yard. Speakers can be mounted on your exterior walls, disguised as rocks in your landscape, or be placed among trees, plants and other foliage. Even better, you can connect your outdoor speakers to your indoor ones to create a whole-home audio system for seamless listening anywhere around your house.


Keep the party going into the evening hours or relax under the stars with smart outdoor lighting. By using outdoor lighting control, you can put architectural features or other landscape in their best light. You can also use colored LEDs to add some extra style to your exterior aesthetic. Instead of a uniform glow around your property, highlight specific areas while putting others in shadow. You can go big and bold with spotlights throughout your yard, or take a more subtle approach with strip lights, well lights and fixtures mounted to your walls.

Once your automation and control system is up and running, you can create different scenes for different moods, events, even holidays using colored LEDs. To start, you can have an “Outdoor Party” scene or something similar where the lights on your deck, patio or yard are fully lit while everything else is off. This way, guests are less likely to wander off into dark areas once the sunsets.

Don’t wait to make your home the envy of your neighbors with the most advanced outdoor entertainment technology. To learn more, call us today at (954)-894-0961 or fill out our residential project questionnaire.

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